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General Information Technology Consulting: We provide strategic general technology consulting services to budget conscious small and medium sized businesses. Our goal is to help small and medium size companies prosper and grow by effectively utilizing technology. Many of our business solutions adopt a Pay As You Go or Pay For Performance approach. We are in partnership with our clients... Our success depends on our client's success. Get in touch to schedule a meeting to discuss your Information Technology needs.

Mobile App and Web Integration: Your business needs to be "everywhere" in order to reach your customers who are "everywhere" - Customers are on desktop, mobile and tablets devices. We are passionate about helping businesses gain the competitive advantage of a "everywhere" solution through Mobile App and Web Integration. ImexSYS believes that a "everywhere" Mobile App strategy should be part of your business identity, marketing and customer satisfaction strategy. Get in touch to schedule a meeting to discuss your Mobile App requirements
Mobile Facts: 85% of Americans age 18+ and 68% of people over age 65 have mobile phones.

Custom Web based Applications: Do you have an idea, or a solution to a problem which requires a novel approach and innovative thinking? Get in touch to schedule a meeting so we can talk more about how we can help you make your idea or the solution to your problem into something great.

Personalized Training: Often times reading a books and manuals or complete a online unsupervised online course just does not cut it. We specialize in individualized and customized lesson plans, no one plan is the same. You tell us what concept you need to learn and we will customize a learning plan for you.

Small Business Mobile App and Web Packages Start At:

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95% of Smartphone users have looked for local information on their phones.

61% of Smartphone users call a business after searching & 59% visit the location.

50% of all mobile searches lead to a purchase.

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